Four Popular Types of Nose Piercing Explained – The Secret to Achieving that Chic Look

Four Popular Types of Nose Piercing Explained  – The Secret to Achieving that Chic Look
Nose piercings have never gone out of style! In every era, it has remained constant. Nose piercing is deeply embedded in numerous cultures, and has become a fashion statement in others. Men and women get their noses pierced for either beautification or for symbolizing their background, or simply to honor their long-held traditions.
While the exact traces to the history of nose piercings couldn’t be made, it is widely believed that it originated from the Middle East nearly 4000 years ago. The culture of nose piercing is so strong in South Asia that other than young girls, almost all women have them. 
In the west, however, the practice of nose piercings is relatively a modern occurrence. If you have been recently influenced by it and want to get one, you are likely on the fence about where to get it, how to get it, and what position in your nose would be a perfect choice for you.
Without further ado, let’s get into it and answer all your questions:

Choosing Your Place of Piercing 

The placement of your nose piercing can have a huge impact on your overall appearance. The right position can lift your features and give you a chic effortless look. Nose studs and hoop nose rings can be placed anywhere along with your nostril and on either side. While rare, but equally possible, nose studs and nose hoops are also placed on the septum and the bridge of the nose. 

The facial attributes of an individual, the choice of their jewelry, and their overall style can come together and give them a very elegant look. However, what makes the most difference is the place of piercing on the nose.    

The choice might be difficult, but knowing about each nose piercing style will make the decision much easier for you. 


Nostrils are the safest and the most common nose piercing position. With the right jewelry, it can turn out to be the best choice for you. Piercings on the nostril are generally placed right above the crease, in the curve of the nose. However, upon visiting the piercer you can make a more informed decision and move the position a bit for the best aesthetics. 

Since the nostril position is very accessible, you have a lot of jewelry options to choose from. From just within studs, you can go for corkscrew studs,  hoops, and L-Shaped pins. A professional jeweler would even adjust the size on your request.

High Nostril 

If you don’t mean to stop at just one nose piercing then this is a better choice for you. High nostril piercing is a great way to layer up and combine with other piercings along with the nostril and create a very striking look. The choice of jewelry in this piecing is limited to studs, L-shaped pins, and corkscrew studs. Since they are too high up on the nostrils, it’s impossible to use rings and hoops on them. 



Septum jewelry isn’t for everyone. People with deviated septum or one with even a slight crook can’t get septum piercing. However, once you are sure it is safe for you, backed by experts’, you can go for it. Though somewhat rare in the west, septum piercing is the oldest nose piercings recorded in human history. Contrary to the popular belief, septum piercing is don’t on the septal cartilage, but on the soft tissue below it. It requires a very expert and steady hand to do this piercing. You can then adorn this piercing with circular barbells or captive bead rings. 


Perhaps the rarest – and to some, the strangest – nose piercing is on the nose. However, if done correctly and chosen well, this piercing is perhaps the coolest of all.  The piercing goes through the top of the nose bridge and surprisingly, heals quickly. Just like septum piercing, this one also doesn’t go through the nose bone, but rather the skin.  However, this type of piercing can pose the risk of migration. In some people, the body rejects the acceptance of this foreign object and fights back. 


Finding a Reputable Piercer

Any kind of body modification requires you to take utmost care in choosing a professional. The standard of operations is for your safety. Additionally, not every can-do nose piercing, and only needles must be used for it. If you see a piercer take out a gun for the piercing, stop and find another. Also, make sure they only use a sterilized needle right out of a new packet and sterilize your jewelry on the spot too.  
Trust the words of the customers and if someone you trust has a trusted piercer, look into it. 


When it comes to your nose, you have to be picky about your jewelry. Purchase your jewelry beforehand from professional jewelers and make sure the metal is either solid gold, titanium, or niobium. 
We know the excitement of getting your nose pierced can make you earnest, but don’t forget that safety comes first. Do not compromise on the quality of your jewelry and your choice of the piercer. Once you are sure and certain that you have made the right decision, read up on taking care of your piercings, and all the way it could go more. Knowledge will make you cautious and lead to smart choices. That said, make sure to bask in the striking and gorgeous effect nose piercings will give you.   


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