Can you wear jewelry during sports activities?

Can you wear jewelry during sports activities?

Can you wear jewelry during sports activities?

Simon Biles' exciting victory is a living proof of the belief that is becoming a fact today - women have a place of honor in sports. It is an important inspiration for our girls to dare to conquer any summit they choose, no matter what field it is. Whether we are training for the next Olympics or whether we are just barely able to drag ourselves for a walk outdoors, there is no doubt that exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

For me personally, it is very difficult to say goodbye to my jewelry, even when the time comes to enter the yoga studio or dive into the pool. The good news is that we do not always have to choose between jewelry and sports activities. Here we will explain which jewelry is suitable for exercise and in which cases it is better that we leave them in a safe place.

It's all about the loose ends

Like loose articles of clothes, or wearing your hair down, some types of jewelry can pose many dangers when working out. Make sure you were jewelry that stays close to your body without any loose ends that may entangle or push against your skin. Designer body piercings like studded nose jewelry or helix, can work perfectly with various activities.

Necklaces and loose foot rings, on the other hand, should be avoided in most cases.

Choose the right metals

Many metals can tarnish severely from excessive sweat or salt water. This is why some types of gold and silver should be avoided when going for a swim or during an intense workout. The good news is that it is pretty easy to clean and when you choose a quality item, there is a pretty good chance it will withstand harsh conditions and will allow you to wear it during any activity. Cheap and low-quality metals like nickel or brass may corrode easily in these conditions and should not be worn at all during a workout.

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