5 Reasons Why Solid Gold Bold Jewelry Will Stay Trendy Forever!

5 Reasons Why Solid Gold Bold Jewelry Will Stay Trendy Forever!

Influencers State: Gold Body Jewelry Will Always Be Trendy

Solid gold body jewelry has always been a trendy and fashionable accessory choice among women as it is a bold, affordable, and elegant way of expressing their personality and inner fashion sense. 

Gold Body Jewelry | Studio Meme

There are many reasons as to why gold will likely remain trendy, valuable, and desirable forever. But here are our top five reasons:


1. Unique Properties Of Gold Make It Indispensable

Gold has many unique properties that make it unlike any other metal found on earth. These unique properties also make it the most versatile of all materials as gold:

  • Conducts electricity
  • Is highly resistant to corrosion
  • Is extremely malleable and ductile
  • Is bio-compatible
  • Has catalytic properties


2. Gold Studs Prevent Allergic Reactions in Piercings

Gold is hypoallergenic and natural which makes it the safest and most perfect metal for nose rings and nose studs. Wearing any other metal jewelry on your nose can result in allergic reactions and thus gold is by far the most preferred metal of choice for nose rings, nose studs, earrings, & ear piercings.

Gold Nose Stud | Studio Meme


Gold accentuates feelings of passion, courage, love, and compassion and in many traditions and customs around the world, it is believed to hold magical healing properties. Wearing a gold earring or gold nose stud is believed to improve blood flow in the vessels and also aids in regulating the flow of oxygen in the body. 

Gold nose studs, nose piercing rings, tiny nose studs, gold earrings are all ideal pieces of jewelry to wear after an ear or nose piercing gets fully healed. This helps prevent any allergy or infection from occurring as gold is nonreactive as compared to other metals and thus safe to wear even for babies.


3. Gold Body Jewelry Doesn’t Devalue Over Time

Many precious metals deteriorate and lose value over time. However, the unique properties of gold ensure that it retains its value, durability, and strength over time. Gold offers the luxury of use without devaluation or depreciation. Another trait that is unique to this extraordinary metal.


4. Timeless Beauty

Gold has its own unique deep yellow and brown color that is unlike any other natural color found on our planet. The color gold has forever been associated with extravagance, wealth, and excess. The sparkle and glitz of pure gold have also mesmerized many a man and woman throughout the pages of history. It is beautiful, elegant, rare, and extraordinary and that is why its beauty and value will remain timeless forever.


5. Ever-Increasing Demand

There is no denying that we as a collective whole believe that gold is valuable and an extremely desirable commodity. This innate belief, combined with the difficulties behind its extraction, has meant that the demand for gold has always been universal. Other than from an investment perspective gold is also by far the most popular jewelry metal for women.

The Versatility Of Gold

The fact that gold is exceptionally malleable and ductile means that it can be mixed with many different types of alloy metals to give it further strength and durability for those that live a more active lifestyle. Pure gold (24k) is soft and requires a base metal to give it strength and rigidity. That is why most pieces of jewelry are made of 18k or 14k solid gold.

Solid gold in its purest form (24 karats) is highly valued as it doesn’t fade or tarnish over time and will continue to hold its value over time. Gold can also complement a number of other precious jewels and stones making it the preferred choice as the base for many unique jewelry designs.

Gold Daith Earring | Studio MEme

There is no denying that solid gold body jewelry will remain trendy forever. The love of gold has not diminished in the hearts of both men and women and is still considered as precious as it once was many centuries ago!

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