How to Match Body Jewelry to Your Skin Tone In 2020?

How to Match Body Jewelry to Your Skin Tone In 2020?

How to Match Body Jewelry to Your Skin Tone In 2020?


Women say they “love jewelry” and any man would attest to that statement. However, that doesn’t mean that they love all kinds of jewelry. Every woman tends to have her own particular taste and style when it comes to buying and wearing jewelry. Some women prefer their nose rings, gold earrings, and other body jewelry to stand out and make a bold statement while others opt for a more subtle dainty look to match their particular style and fashion sense.

Gold Body Jewelry & Piercings

Gold has long been the most preferred metals for jewelry crafting. Its unique properties along with its color and golden shine have forever made it a valuable and highly desirable commodity. Master jewelers and craftsmen have used gold for centuries not just for making jewelry, but a wide array of different ornaments, weapons, and even statues.


One of gold’s many unique properties includes the fact that it is hypoallergenic. This makes it the ideal metal for all types of body jewelry and can also help in the healing process from more painful ear and nose piercings.


Unlike other metals, gold is natural and nonreactive which means that one cannot have an allergic reaction or an infection when wearing solid gold. This is why women who get nose piercings or ear piercings done, especially painful ones, such as a tragus piercing, will always opt for a solid gold nose stud, gold earrings, or a gold nose ring to avoid any chances of an allergic reaction or infection and to also help with the skins healing process.


But what gold body jewelry will look best on you? Would gold, white gold or rose gold suit you better? Does your skin tone play a role in what type of body jewelry you should try on? Well, let's take a look!


Matching Body Jewelry to Your Skin Tone 

As a woman, they are many reasons why you might be attracted to a particular piece of jewelry. Maybe you saw someone wearing it and it caught your eye? Or maybe it just fits your particular style, preference, or taste? But does that mean it will look just as good on you?


Well, as long as you feel good about it, it really doesn’t matter. As after all, wearing any piece of body jewelry inadvertently tells something about your personality, style, and character. You could care less about what others think as long as you feel good and confident. 


However, if you are like me, and a little more circumspect about what jewelry you wear and whether it suits your particular skin tone and styling, then this particular guide can help you make the right choice when it comes to matching body jewelry to your skin tone.

Choosing the Right Body Jewelry for Your Skin Tone 

A woman's skin tone is not the same as her skin color. Your skin tone is the color beneath your skin’s surface and can be essentially divided into three categories; warm, neutral, or cool. If you are unsure about what your skin tone is, an easy way to check is to simply look at the veins on the underside of your wrist.


Cool: If your veins have a purplish, greenish olive, or bluish color then you have a cool skin tone.

Warm: If the veins appear to be yellow, peach, or have golden hues then you have a warm undertone.

Neutral: If you can’t determine what color is most prevalent you likely have a neutral undertone.


What does this mean? Well, now that you know what skin tone you have it will help you not only pick out jewelry that best compliments your skin tone but also the right color of clothes and accessories to help bring out the real you!


Cool Skin Tones

Women with cool skin tones usually have red, pink, or bluish undertones. Wearing silver, platinum, and white gold in such instances can look absolutely stunning, especially, when complemented with gemstones such as blue sapphire, pearl, or other pastel-colored stones.



Warm Skin Tones

Women with warmer skin tones will benefit from wearing gold, bronze, and rose-gold jewelry complimented with gems such as ruby, garnet, citrine, alexandrite, and peridot.

Against a warmer skin tone, such types of jewelry pieces can simply bedazzle even when standing amidst a crowd.


Neutral Skin Tones

Don’t we all wish we had neutral skin tones? Women with Mediterranean skin seem to be able to get away with wearing just about any style of jewelry. If you have a neutral skin tone feel free to experiment, you will be amazed at what you can pull off!

What Did We Learn?

If you love piercings as much as I do, knowing these basics can help you choose the right body jewelry that best suits your skin tone. For those of us that have cool skin tones sticking to white gold nose studs, nose rings, and earrings is ideally the way to go. Look for jewelry pieces with bluish undertones to further compliment your skin tone and facial features.


For people like me, with warmer skin tones, sticking to gold and rose-gold body jewelry is perhaps the best way to go. The natural color of gold on warmer skin tones simply look stunning and can also help accentuate certain facial features.


Always remember that the color of your eyes and hair can also play a part in deciding what color jewelry you should buy. Never be shy to try on different pieces of jewelry you never know what you might fall in love with! 

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