How to handle your nose piercing with a cold?

How to handle your nose piercing with a cold?

How to handle your nose piercing with a cold?

Whether you and your nose piercing have gone a long way or whether it is a new addition to your look that is still healing, you have probably asked yourself whether any special care is required for your jewelry during an illness. We are all familiar with these moments when our nose is sore from repetitive and aggressive nose blowing and since maintaining sterility is critical for a healthy piercing, the unending discharges in the area pose quite a few risks as well. So, what can we do to ensure that our piercing cleaning regime is really over the top when we are under the weather? Studio Meme has prepared some effective tips for you.

Go easy on your nose

Our initial instinct when we have a cold is to blow our noses as hard as possible. We want to clear our airways and make sure we get everything we can out of there. However, it is important to remember, this action can greatly irritate the nasal mucosa and cause pain and even swelling. We have all experienced this pain from time to time. Under these conditions, the likelihood of infection in the piercing area increases significantly. Therefore, before taking any action to maintain the piercing, it is important that first of all, we do not cause any harm.

Make sure you disinfect regularly

In general, there is no significant difference between they way we should clean the piercing during illness and during our everyday routine. We must remember that piercings must always be handled with care. However, it is always advisable to clean the area more than usual when the area is more sensitive and prone to infections.

The best way to do this would be to remove the jewel completely and clean the area thoroughly. The nostrils can be thoroughly rinsed with warm salt water until the area is completely clean, disinfect the jewel separately and only then return it to the nose.

However, if the piercing is still in the recovery stages, it should not be removed in any circumstances. It should be thoroughly and gently cleaned and the piercing treatment regimen should be continued as strictly as the professionals have instructed us.

Get rid of any residue on top of the jewelry

If any remnants of secretions remain on the jewel, it should be thoroughly cleaned. Make sure you return the jewelry to the nose when it is completely clean and check it often.


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