3 Steps to choose the perfect diamond nose ring!


When we look for jewelry, we want a balance. It needs to be beautiful, yet reflect our personality and work across different occasions. Whether you’re going for that staple piece that you’ll always reach for, or something a bit more dramatic, there has to be something that attracts you to it. That rings true when you think about diamond nose rings. 

How to choose the best diamond nose ring

When we think about how to choose a diamond nose ring, there are a few things to consider. This includes size, the materials used, the occasion for wearing it, and much more!

To help you decide, here’s our ultimate guide on choosing the best nose ring:

Step 1: Think about metal choice and diamond size

The first step is arguably the most critical, picking out the metal choice and what size diamond you want. Having those two elements ready helps you narrow down choices when you’re looking for one, and it’ll lead to a faster buying process overall. 
When it comes to metals, you should ideally be looking for solid gold options. You’ll often see surgical steel and titanium touted as options, but these metals aren’t always compatible with your skin. To avoid irritation or any skin issues, hypoallergenic solid gold is the best option. Plus, gold goes with everything, so it’s the most practical (and beautiful!) option when you’re looking for the best diamond nose ring.

The other consideration is the size of the diamond. You’ll likely have heard the 4 C’s of diamonds - cut, color, clarity, and carat and this applies here as well. The diamond size will depend on what look you’re going for.

Bold and bright? Go for somewhere between 2.5 mm - 3 mm diamonds. Thinking of going a bit more dainty and delicate? 1.3 mm - 2 mm will be the best.

Step 2: Pick out design and style

Okay, so now you know what you’re looking for...now you just need to find out! This is the fun part since you get to look at many different diamond nose rings and decide which one fits your personality. There are a few different styles to choose from:

  • Nose stud: This a straight stud, so you can bend it as needed. It’s recommended for someone who has had the piercing for a while and wants more freedom in wearing it.
  • Nose bone: Has a small ball at the to keep it from falling. This is best for when you don’t want the post to be visible.
  • L Post: The best option for a new piercing since it’s comfortable and you won’t necessarily feel the nose screw.
  • Nose screw: This will have a U-shaped bend or curve that tends to be more comfortable. You can pick a bend for either nostril so that you can play a bit more with this look without any discomfort.
  • Nose ring: A circular hoop; this is the type of nose ring that you are likely most familiar with. You can go for an open hoop, seamless, or segment. You can also wear nose rings on different piercings, such as ear piercings and septum, so you’ll have a lot of flexibility.
  • Septum rings: These are worn between the nostrils, so the look is a bit different compared to some of the above options

Step 3: Research gauge options

Gauges tend to be the most confusing option, and rightly so. Gauges are the thickness of the wire and how comfortably it can enter the piercing. There are many gauge sizes and are entirely dependent on your piercing. 
Sizes start from 16 ga (1.2 mm) up to 22 ga (0.6 mm), and they do vary for individuals. If you’re not sure about your gauge size, you have a few options:

  • You can check with your local piercer, who can accurately tell you your gauge size.
  • You can go to a store and test a few gauges to see what is most comfortable. We’ve found that 18 ga tends to be a common choice, but again, it’s very subjective, so it’s about how you feel!
  • Ask us! We’re here seven days a week to answer your questions, and we can help you identify the right gauge size for your piercing.


The last step? Buy your perfect match!
Whether you’re buying a small nose ring, delicate nose ring, or a statement nose ring, StudioMeme has it all! Lovingly handcrafted, our 14k solid gold rings are dazzling additions to your jewelry connection that you’ll keep coming back to, so shop today!



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