5 Facts Of Sun Gold Nose Ring As Nose Jewelry


5 Facts Of Sun Gold Nose Ring As Nose Jewelry

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Did you know that nose jewelry has started way back thousands of years ago with our ancestors? It’s believed that nose piercing was performed during ancient times as part of a ritual. But, nowadays nose piercings are popular among the youth in Western parts of the globe, specifically those belonging to the hip or punk group.

In other parts of the world like India, the nose ring piercing has a deeper meaning, it symbolizes one’s status to take part in a ceremony. For Indian women wearing this piece of jewelry means coming of age or the ability to get a husband. Among the nose jewelry worn include the gold nose stud, gauge nose ring and nose hoop ring. Now that you have a clearer insight on nose piercing, are you interested in having your nose pierced? Before you make any final decision, here’s everything you need to know about nose piercing.

Sun Flower Nose Ring

The sun flower nose ring is one of the best designs available in the market today. The most common is the classic nose stud that can be made from solid gold with or without a gemstone setting. Other choices include the hoop nose ring, L-shaped nose stud, and intricate nose ring.

Gold Nose Hoop

A nose hoop resembles the physical appearance of a ring. The designs may range from the plain hoop, bead hoop, or seam ring. The type of metal widely used for nose hoop is solid gold. It’s safe for everyone, specifically those with sensitive skin because gold is 100% hypoallergenic. If interested in investing in a gold nose hoop, you can eighter go for 14K or 18K.


5 Facts About Sun Nose Gold Ring

Historical Background

The origin of nose piercing was recorded in India from their 6,000 years old Vedic Scripts. It mentioned that the nose piercing was linked to fertility. It was in the 1970s when hippy travelers coming to India have been influenced by a nose piercing and adapted it in their lives.

Nose piercing has also been practiced in other parts of the globe. In Africa, specifically in the southern region, only the wealthy people of Berber and Beja wear nose jewelry as a representation of their wealth. That’s why the bigger the size of the nose jewelry the wealthier the wearer.

Nose Hoop Ring Meme Studio


Another intriguing fact about nose jewelry is the different speculations that people from one generation to another believed. The ancient generation practiced nose piercing to add ornaments on their bodies. They believed that adding an ornament on the nose can boost the sixth sense since the nose is located near the brain. In India, a bride wears nose jewelry like the stud, hoop, or ring to symbolize worthiness.


Nose Piercing in India is linked to women’s reproductive organs, sexual health, and pain experienced during childbirth. In Ayurvedic medicine, nose piercing on the left nostril of women is believed to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with the menstrual period and childbirth.


In the Middle East. the women that are about to get married received nose rings as wedding gifts. The nose rings are usually made from gold. The nose ring in this part of the globe symbolizes the woman’s status as married.


In today’s modern generation the nose ring is often used as accessory or adornment to beautify oneself. With the availability of various designs, shapes, and sizes of nose jewelry to choose from, any individual can freely undergo nose piercing. In fact, many women undergo nose piercing to make themselves look appealing and trendy.

Additional facts about nose piercing

Why nose ring?

Nose ring allows you to be more creative. The options available are endless. You can wear the nose ring with stud or nose ring hoop. If you want to be unique, then, the sun flower gold nose ring will definitely show off your individuality.

What nose ring size do I need?

The size of the nose ring you will need will depend on some factors such as gauge, length, size, diameter, and rise. You will also need to consider the different nose jewelry available in the market.

Sun Nose Stud

The common sizes (diameter) of nose rings range from 7mm or 9mm. If you have a larger body frame and nose, the nose ring with a bigger diameter is highly recommended to prevent nose piercing infection.

Where to get nose ring hoop?

If you are too busy and don’t have time to shop from a physical store, you can order your nose ring hoop at a trusted online shopping site like ours. Just type the keyword “nose ring Studio Meme” to get a full view of various nose rings from nose ring studs to hoops including sun flower nose gold ring.



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