Nose Piercing- Everything You Need to Know


So, finally, you have decided to get your nose pierced. You have talked to your friends, watched YouTube videos, and collected information from here and there. You must have lots of questions in your mind, like which type of nose piercing you should go with, how bad your nose will hurt, and what kind of jewelry you should wear? In this post, we have compiled some crucial information that helps you make the right decision.

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Nose Piercing- An Overview

Nose piercing is as old as humankind. In many cultures, people pierce their noses for various reasons such as religious preferences, child-bearing help, warrior status, or more. Today, be it, men or women, everyone is looking forward to this trend to give their appearance an edgy ascent. Undoubtedly, it is one of the imminent ways to make a style statement and show your individuality. 


From nostril to septum piercing, there are several options and styles to choose from. Whether you want to pierce your nose or septum, there are several aspects to consider, such as the type, nose piercing care, and aftercare. So, let's start understanding the basics of it. 

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Understanding the Basics of Nose Piercing

Certainly, understanding the basics is very important before you decide the type of piercing you want. You can find many types of nose and septum piercing choices. Choosing the right one depends on your nose shape and build, along with your threshold for jewelry options and the level of discomfort. However, the nostril piercing is not as painful as nasallang and third eye, which have higher discomfort levels. With a variety of jewelry and placement options, you can not only enhance your looks but also have fun with this form of body modification. 


Types of Nose Piercing

Nostril and septum piercing are the most common types of nose piercing. However, nose piercing is not only limited to these two types as there are many options to choose from. Choosing the right type of piercing depends on your preferences and personal style. Some nose piercings are more complicated and painful than others. Regardless of the type of nose piercing you choose, make sure to choose the right artist who has the experience and perform piercing in a hygienic place. 


  • Septril Piercing 
  • Third-eye piercing
  • High Nostril Piercing
  • Nostril piercing
  • Nasallang Piercing
  • Rhino Piercing
  • Austin Bar Piercing
  • Bridge piercing
  • Septum piercing


 Pain and Healing

 Many people are often scared of the pain they will undergo during and after nose piercing. Some of the piercings, like the third eye, nasallang, etc., are painful and have higher discomfort levels, while nostril piercing just involves pain equal to the pain you feel during pinch or twinge, following little bruising and sometimes make your eyes watery.




The pain endurance level of everyone is different. Moreover, healing time depends on the type of piercing you have and how diligently you do aftercare. Usually, nasallang and nostril piercing take four to six months to heal, the bridge takes eight to twelve weeks, and a septum piercing will recover in six to eight weeks. Intricate piercing like a rhino takes around six to nine months to recover.

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Side effects


When you modify any part of your body, chances are, you may experience some side effects. It usually happens when you do not clean or take care of your piercing correctly, or your jewelry causes some backlash. If you want to avoid the side effects, make sure to choose a ring or stud made from titanium or implant- grade surgical steel. 


Also, during the initial stage, changing jewelry can be daunting and could hurt your piercing. To avoid it, make sure to take some expert's help and follow the right nose piercing aftercare instructions and maintain good hygiene.


Recommended Jewelry Option for Nose Piercing

 Gold is one of the most recommended metals for nose piercing because it is pure and hypoallergenic in nature. You can choose a 14k or 18K gold ring. The higher the carat, the better results.

Nose Piercing Aftercare

Regardless of the nose piercing you have, your next step is aftercare. Your nose piercing needs delicate care more than tattoos and ear piercing. Your piercer will tell you some tips about nose piercing aftercare or even provide you a kit to prevent infection and accelerate the healing process. The following are the tips you need to follow. 


  • Wash your hands properly before touching your nose piercing 
  • Make a mixture of non-iodized sea salt in lukewarm distilled water and soak cotton balls to it to clean your piercing area. 
  • Make sure to clean your nose piercing at least twice a day (morning and night)


Remember that healing takes time. So, make sure to do nose piercing aftercare properly to avoid any side effects and get ready to flaunt your new look confidently. 





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